5 April 2019. Valian talks on Gender and the 2016 Election at The College of New Jersey

3 April 2019. Columbia University hosts Valian for a day of dialogues, workshops, and a talk about gender in academia

23 March 2019. Society for Research in Child Development symposium on Gender inequality in developmental psychology, organized by Erike Wojcik and including talks by Wojcik, Andrei Cimpian, Valian, and Allison Master in Baltimore

8 November 2018, CUNY podcast (the Thought Project, hosted by Tanya Domi) with Valian speaking on gender

5 November 2018, MIT Press Bookstore sponsors authors@mit with Valian discussing An Inclusive Academy

4 November 2018, Sarah Boon reviews An Inclusive Academy for the Los Angeles Review of Books, saying “this book provides real solutions and concrete actions that can be taken to make academia more welcoming”

1 November 2018, BizEd includes An Inclusive Academy on its bookshelf, calling it “A telling and well-researched roadmap to help academia meet its diversity goals.”

October 2018, Nature publishes Valian’s World View about a week of good news and not-very-good news on women in science

September 2018, MIT Press has a Q&A with Stewart and Valian

September 2018, Valian visits Marshall University

August 2018, Valian participates in a workshop with Sherilynn Black, Jabbar Bennett, and Bruce Birren on gender and diversity for scientists and staff at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Marine Biological Laboratory, and the Jackson Laboratory

August 2018, Salon excerpts chapter 1 of An inclusive academy:  Achieving diversity and excellence

July 2018, Chronicle of Higher Education lists An inclusive academy:  Achieving diversity and excellence in Selected New Books on Higher Education

July 2018, Inside Higher Ed features an excerpt on Recruiting Diverse and Excellent New Faculty from An inclusive academy:  Achieving diversity and excellence

July 2018, Stewart and Valian discuss their new book that suggests most colleges can do more to diversify their faculties at Inside Higher Ed.

July 2018, Stewart and Valian's An inclusive academy:  Achieving diversity and excellence is available through MIT Press and Amazon.

July 2018, Valian was an EHR Distinguished Lecturer and ADVANCE Invited Speaker at the National Science Foundation.

May 2018, Valian gave the FoVea (Females of Vision et al) Workshop at the Vision Sciences Society:  Remedying the (still) too slow advancement of women.